Asset Courier Services armored vehicles

We provide armed and unarmed courier and escort service for establishments that sell fine jewelry, furs, rare coins, paintings and local store chains, businesses and restaurants, or any establishment that makes currency deposits and/or items of value. We provide this armed escort service in the most discreet way available.

Make no mistake about it: Protection is a 24-hour a day, 365 days-a-year job. No amount of mechanical security devices can take the place of an alert, highly-trained professional security officer.

The owner of the company and the primary trainer of the driver/courier of your assets is a former Memphis, TN Police Detective and former Federal Air Marshal with a Top Secret Clearance whom was entrusted with the National Security of the United States of America, and has received extensive training in security awareness, surveillance and protection. This assures you that the person handling your valuables is the best trained and most professional security officer available. armored vehicles armored car bullet proof vehicles St. Louis

You will be provided with personal and professional service each and every time, not like the big Armored Couriers Companies that employ a different individual (a new face) to your business every day who only received a criminal background check and very little training at best. We will provide a better, safer and efficient service to you at a fraction of the cost as the big Armored Courier Companies charge for their services.

We provide flexible schedules and on-call availability which allows businesses to set schedules or schedule a pick-up and/or escort service to the financial locations of your choice.

Using our armed escort service reduces the risk to your employees and family members traveling outside your establishment from being robbed, assaulted and possibly killed. By hiring Comfort Zone the risk is eliminated, giving you that peace of mind that the care, custody and control of your assets are with the best in the security business. Let us put you in the Comfort Zone.


Comfort Zone is Insured and Bonded.  For easy-to-start service call (636) 887-1131 or fill out the Request Form at the top of the page.


Asset Courier Services

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