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Thomas “Mitch” Mitchell

Thomas “Mitch” Mitchell has over 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Security, Protection and Investigations. Mr. Mitchell is formerly a Federal Air Marshal; he served over 3 years with The Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration where he was granted a TOP SECRET clearance and entrusted with National Security. He served 11 years with the Memphis Police Department as a Patrolman and later a Detective and has worked literally hundreds of cases. He served 3 years as a Correctional Officer for the State of Texas and Shelby County, Memphis, TN. He served 8 years in The United States Army and 5 years in The United States Air Force National Guard. Mr. Mitchell assisted The United States Secret Service and FBI as a vital member of the President and Vice- President of America protection details.

In 2000, Mr. Mitchell created Comfort Zone Security LLC; and in 2006 after relocating to St. Louis, Missouri, he has assembled a team of professionals who gained their experience from services within the Armed Forces, City, County, State/ Federal Government and Civilian Security and Law Enforcement sectors.

Mr. Mitchell has received training and attended numerous schools and seminars involving personal protection training, crime scene investigations, crisis intervention training and sex crimes and homicide advanced investigative techniques. Also The Reid Technique in interviewing and investigations and advanced interviewing and interrogation.

Mr. Mitchell has attended several public speaking conferences. He lectured at the National Conference on Preventing Crime located in Washington D.C. in 1999, 2000 and 2001.He has also spoken and lectured at different churches, business luncheons, town hall meetings, Neighborhood Watch organizations, and schools about Crime and Safety Awareness.

Mr. Mitchell has received several Awards and Commendations to his credit:
National Alliance of Mentally Ill Appreciation Award
State of Georgia Governors award for providing security for the 1996 Olympics
City of Memphis, TN Memphis Police Department Life Saving Medal
Nominated for Memphis Police Officer of the Year
Numerous Letters of Commendations and Certificates

Mr. Mitchell is very active in church and community events, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. However once you get to know him, depending on the moment, Mitch can be egocentric, modest, showy and elusive. He can be sweet and sarcastic, democratic and authoritarian, flexible and at times stiff-necked. Mitch prides himself as possessing a strong resume in being a people person and public servant.