Personal Protection Services

exbodyguardOur personal protection details have included corporate executives, attorneys, wealthy families, sports celebrities, movie stars, national news and talk show personalities, political figures, presidential candidates and civil rights leaders. Comfort Zone Security, Protection & Investigations, LLC, is a small firm so we are able to customize our services to our clients’ individual needs and expectations without compromising quality.

Our approach to protecting VIPs, Executives, Celebrities and their Families is SIMPLE. We provide protection that will enhance, not hinder, the clients’ ability to do business with confidence. We allow them to focus on the business at hand as well as afford our clients that “comfort zone” feeling to enjoy life.

Our motto is “It’s All About You” which means that we are always close enough to protect —- without being introduced …


• Mr. Mitchell will be the one to personally protect you and your family.
• Mr. Mitchell will be the one to personally answer your phone call to discuss your needs.
• Mr. Mitchell will be the one to personally listen to your circumstances and assess your needs.
• Mr. Mitchell will be the one to personally recommend the best course of action for your situation.

We are available to TRAVEL to numerous cities and countries for extended periods of time, providing specialty personal security to individuals, as well as companies in various cultures. Our planning stages consist of logistic advances, protective details and all coordinating of scheduled events and attractions. We provide Protection & Security at arrivals and departures, temporary and permanent residences, and public places and/or gatherings.

Attending a Red Carpet Event?

We provide Celebrity & Dignitary Protection and Events Advance Services at Red Carpet Events.