Safe Escort Services escort rides alcohol

Comfort Zone Safe Escort Service is a safety net that can be used to get home from a bad date, a late movie, or a broken down car. You can also use Comfort Zone Safe Escort for a trip to any event with your family or friends such as: birthdays, concerts, bachelor/bachelor parties, or night out at a bar or club. Be smart, don’t drink or text and drive! Safe Escorts offers you a safe, luxurious, inexpensive and most importantly fun ride with a professional security escort. safe ridess St. Louis escort rides alcohol

We also provide personal safety escorts for nurses going into high-crime neighborhoods or to private residents to provide services and treatment for in-home patients.

We also provide shadowing and safety stand-by services for Real Estate Agents who meet clients out in communities to show properties to clients.

When calling Comfort Zone for your Safe Escort, please provide the following information:

  • Full Name or Company information
  • Contact person phone number, preferably a cell phone
  • Location(s) to be picked up
  • Destination(s) to be dropped off
  • Number of passengers riding

We are 100% reliable, licensed and insured. We provide transportation in St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area and surrounding cities. We also travel in the state of Illinois area. Our low negotiated rates and savings are passed directly to you and your party.