To be alert, to be aware, and to provide exceptional services and strategies in reducing one from being victimized. And to us this means everything, which ensures greater safety, a peace of mind and the pursuit of happiness for our clients.




Comfort Zone Security prides itself as a reputable establishment and constantly reinvents itself to meet the standards of our discerning clients.


Is to provide exceptional service in security consultation, protection and investigations.


Comfort Zone always promises that our client’s right to privacy and confidentiality will always be protected at all times; as Comfort Zone continues to operate and maintain the highest confidential and ethical standard in the business.

What Differentiates Us

  • We operate in a manner consistent with our principles.
  • We value a long term relationship with our clients.
  • Our business is consistent with clients who share our commitment to safety, security and quality of life.

How We Succeed

  • Our company success is the result of word of mouth and the referrals of our satisfied customers.

What We Believe

  • We believe strongly that comfort can be achieved in a manner consistent with the principles and ideas that will bind our relationship with our clients.
  • What set us apart from our competitors is that we believe in doing the right thing, the right way – All day – Everyday – Any day.

What Motivates Us

  • Being committed to improving ones safety and security awareness.
  • By providing that “Comfort Zone” piece of mind which ensure that our clients live a more secure, safer and peaceful life.

What Guides Us

  • We behave with integrity.
  • We treat people with dignity and respect.
  • We provide superior services at a fair price.


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International Organization of Black Security Executives

Surveillance Private Investigator

Worldwide Covert Surveillance Network

Professional Bodyguard

The Law Enforcement & Bodyguard Association International

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International Close Protection Network

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International Association of Detectives & Investigators

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Executive Protection Network

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Certified Protective Operations Manager

comfort zone security  investigations

Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

Dignitary Protection Certification

American Board for Certification in Dignitary & Executive Protection