Private Investigator and owner Thomas Mitchell has extensive training as a detective in crime scene investigations and homicide / sex crimes advanced investigative techniques, including advanced interviewing and interrogation.

Types of Investigation Services

  • Background Investigations
  • Spousal infidelity investigations
  • Insurance/Injury fraud surveillance
  • Workman’s compensation cases
  • Expert/Covert Surveillance video recording
  • Minors placed under surveillance to determine drug/alcohol abuse, hanging with the wrong crowd and/or poor judgement.
  • Obtaining statements from witnesses, victims and suspects.
privater investigator united states

Types of Searches

  • Person Search
  • Address Search
  • Vehicle Search
  • Social Security Search
  • Corporation Search
  • Criminal Search
  • Civil Judgement
  • Phone Search

Comfort Zone Security, Protection and Investigations is a St. Louis based private investigation firm offering both information and protection to individuals in domestic or legal disputes as well as businesses affected by crime.

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