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Celebrity/Dignitary Protection

First class VIP Celebrity Protection for athletes, political figures, actors, film producers, recording artists and their family members worldwide at film festivals and award shows such as TIFF, Sundance the Grammys, Golden Globes, Country Music Awards, BET, AVN, and sporting events.


Armed Security Officer

I am trained and authorized to carry out Air Transportation duties as a certified Federal Armed Security Officer (ASO) authorized to carry a TSA approved firearm when acting pursuant to such authorization including flying into and/or out of Ronald Reagan Washington National

Domestic Violence Protection

Comfort Zone Protection combats the domestic violence sweeping headline news by protecting, escorting and educating people who are suffering and have suffered domestic abuse and are afraid for their life.

Safe Ride & Safety Escorts

The Comfort Zone Safe Rides Program is designed to prevent incidents related to drinking, DUI/DWI arrests, and death. Additionally, we provide Safety Escorts for nurses going into bad neighborhoods, shadowing and safety stand-by services for Real Estate Agents and Agencies.

Airplane Security Services

Comfort Zone Security is uniquely positioned to provide 24-hour physical security for your aircraft, nearly anywhere in the world, often within short notice. Aircraft Protection Agents can assist you to deter tampering or sabotage of aircraft and complement your existing country evacuation plan.


Full Time Protection

Full-time protection is available from Mr. Thomas Mitchell, a Personal Protection Specialist with over 30 years of experience and training, including Presidential Security Details, Olympics Security, Federal Air Marshal, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force National Guard, with multiple certifications as well.

Asset Courier

Providing armed and unarmed courier and escort service for establishments that sell fine jewelry, furs, rare coins, paintings and local store chains, businesses and restaurants, or any establishment that makes currency deposits and/or items of value. We provide the service in the most discreet way available.

Neighborhood Watch

CZS provides security training for businesses as well as homeowners and neighborhoods. Our security training consists of home/business safety, lighting, proper doors and locks, property identification, identification of suspects and proper procedures for reporting suspicious activities in your home or business.

Private Investigator

Comfort Zone Security is a reputable Private Investigations agency, providing exceptional investigative services to attorneys, legal professionals, businesses, corporations and the entertainment industry as well as individuals. Surveillance for infidelity, crime or minor activity, background checks, and criminal searches.

Security Consulting

We provide security counseling, guidance and information to our clients to keep them out of trouble, out of prison, and out of money. We also advise and mentor on reputation management to keep your name out of the negative news headlines.