Category: Security Services

Security Services and Private Investigations by Comfort Zone Security of Missouri.

Full-Time Security

Full-time security is available from Mr. Thomas Mitchell, a Security Specialist with over 30 years of experience and training, including Presidential Security Details, Olympics Security, Federal Air Marshal, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force National Guard, with multiple certifications as well.

Private Investigator

Comfort Zone Security is a reputable Private Investigations agency, providing exceptional investigative services to attorneys, legal professionals, businesses, corporations and the entertainment industry as well as individuals. Surveillance for infidelity, crime or minor activity, background checks, and criminal searches.

Security Consulting

We provide security counseling, guidance and information to our clients to keep them out of trouble, out of prison, and out of money. We also advise and mentor on reputation management to keep your name out of the negative news headlines.