PRESENTATION: How to Provide Excellent Guest Relations / Customer Service




Providing excellent customer service can help you excel in many jobs and careers, especially in sales, customer interaction, consulting, retail, food and beverages, advertising, marketing and the entertainment and events industry. Good customer service relies on building strong relationships with people of all walks of life. The presentation covers topics such as how to handle customer complaints, unruly guests and represent the company well through more effective communication and interpersonal skills and attitudes. Re-energize your company, facility or workforce by empowering them to handle difficult situations better!  This 49-slide Powerpoint presentation is a proven tool to deliver great guest/customer service and is packed with real-world examples with helpful observations and tips for handling such scenarios.  You can make arrangements for a personal presentation from Mr. Mitchell himself or present the information yourself.

Target Audience: Human Resources, Restaurant Staff, Event Staff, Department/Retail Store Staff, Wedding and   Event Planners.