PRESENTATION: Understanding What To Do and Not To Do When Dealing With Police – Tools for your Toolbox




Being stopped or detained by a police officer or law enforcement official is a stressful experience that can go bad quickly if you do not react appropriately. This presentation explains what the law requires and offers strategies and tools for dealing with and handling police encounters. Due to social media, smart phones and other recording devices, people have delivered footage that details what really happened in a particular situation when the police encountered them or other citizens. But truth of the matter is that there are and were situations where people have done everything they could do to put the police officers at ease, yet still they ended up injured or killed.  This presentation is a must-see and could save your life, a loved one life or help someone that you know.

Learn more about your constitutional rights and how to properly handle encounters with police and security guards such as traffic stops, arrests, frisking, police misconduct, self-incrimination, substance abuse accusations, searches of home and vehicle. Explore questions such as

  • How do I deal with police if I’m pulled over?
  • What are rights of passengers during a traffic stop?
  • How do I deal with police at my door?
  • Do police have to tell me why I’m arrested?
  • If I’m arrested, are police required to read me my Miranda rights?
  • What is ‘resisting arrest’?
  • When are police allowed to frisk me?
  • What if police threaten to call the dogs?
  • What if police say they smell marijuana?
  • How do I keep police from searching my home?
  • What should I do if I’m a victim of police misconduct?
  • Is it legal to videotape or photograph the police?
  • Do undercover police have to reveal their identity when asked?
  • What are my rights with private security guards?
  • What are my rights at sobriety checkpoints?
  • How do I avoid a DUI?
  • What happens if I run from police?
  • What is reasonable force?

Target: Everyone